SCNZ can provide your company with an On-site Spill Station (Oil/fuel & Hazchem) along with access to our 24hr Spill Response Service.

SCNZ On-site Spill Stations are tailored to suit the petrochem/drilling industry, allowing prompt initial response by your staff.
Stations have appropriate signage and instructions, kits consist of two non-sparking shovels, Oil/fuel (330ltr capacity) Hazchem (80ltr capacity)
and disposal bags.

SCNZ Spill Response Service allows immediate contact with our response team via our free call 0800 SPILLNZ (0800 774 556) number.
SCNZ have six OPEAM trained, Tier 1 responders on call with our Spill Response Units.

Some of the benefits of utilising our On-site Spill Station Service:

No need to out-lay thousands on spill response equipment.

On-site spill station is available for immediate containment and clean up of small spills.

SCNZ carry out regular on-site inspections of Spill Stations.

SCNZ ensure that spill stations are well stocked, cleaned and ready for use when required.

Access to technical advice and information.

Written reports on general condition, replacement products required and work carried out.

Practical and cost effective solutions to help protect the environment and meet requirements.

Some of the benefits of utilising our Spill Response Service:

SCNZ manager Jason Sole has 20+ years experience in the petrochem industry and maintains a good rapport with local councils.

All available personnel are well trained and experienced.

4WD utility with enclosed trailer and light truck response units available.

Large amount of stock on hand.

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