De-Oiling Hydrocyclones


    Oily Water Separation & Treatment

    Cyclonic Technology

    Years of experience in the oil and gas industry has led to the technology transfer of a unique oil/water separation technology. CycloforceTM is a cyclonic based separation system, returning the most cost-effective solution for tough oily water treatment applications. Applied in a variety of industrial applications the CycloForceTM system represents state-of-the-art water clean up technology.

    Oil separation occurs when the water/oil effluent enters the cyclone and begins to spin under a centrifugal force which is in the order of 800 times the force of gravity. This force cause the two immiscible liquids (oil and water) to separate. The heavier water phase is forced outward toward the cyclone wall, and the lighter oil phase migrates toward the centre core. The design of the cyclone causes the water phase to be sent in one direction and the oil phase in the opposite direction. With no moving parts the process is low maintenance, simple and effective with separation occurring during the 2-3 seconds it takes for the water/oil mix to pass through the cyclone.

    Applicable industries include:
    Oil Spill Control / Fluids Treatment
    – Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim
    – Service Station Service Bays and Fuel Dispensing
    – Mining Operations
    – Dairy & Food Manufacturing
    – Bilge Water & Marine Transport Facilities
    – Oil Tanks Farms & Fuel Depots
    – Waste Oil Collection
    – Refinery & Petrochemical
    – Power Stations
    – Cooling Towers
    – Solvent Extraction Operations
    – Manufacturing Workshops

    – Most efficient, and cost effective solution to water treatment problems
    – Clean water with no chemicals
    – Effluent can be recycled for continuous treatment
    – Compact, 10% the size and weight of conventional systems
    – Hydrocyclone has no moving parts
    -Modular add-on features CycloForceTM allows customers to achieve higher
    – Production efficiencies -cleaner environmental outcomes while meeting government regulations.

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