Hazchem Forklift Spill Kit


Spill Kit type:  Acids, bases, coolants, solvents, oils & HAZMAT chemicals.

Application: Workshops, warehouses, factories, chemical plants – wherever hazardous chemicals are stored, handled & spilt. Mobile kit that fastens to forklift. 

Absorbent capacity: Up to 66 litres

  • Fastened to the back of a forklift, this kit provides quick and immediate response to chemical spills. 
  • Contains UnisorbTM premium polypropylene HAZMAT chemical absorbents booms.
  • UnisorbTM is able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in liquid.
  • Clean non-allergenic, non-hazardous absorbents, with little or no dust.
  • Spill Kit includes UV resistant label, laminated re-order form & operating instructions.
  • Spill Kit can be customised by adding/removing/swapping components.  
  • Spill Kit is supplied in a highly visible light brown water resistant carry bag.
  • Velcro closure allows easy opening and closing with handles included for carrying or hanging on a wall.

Shipping weight: 4 kg

Shipping dimensions: 80cm x 50cm x 20cm

Manufactured in Australia


 Qty  Description  Size  Code
 UnisorbTM mini boom
 3.6m x 75mm
 Disposal Bag, labelled 
 100 micron polyethylene
 1  Gloves PVC  450mm  PVC450
 Carry Bag
 light brown
 Operating Instructions
 A4, laminated 
 All components are replaceable individually or as a ‘Refill Kit’:
 Refill Kit