Hisorb Organic Filter


    Spill type:  Absorbs oil, fuel, diesel, petrol & other hydrocarbons.
    Application: Used for final polishing of oil contaminated water.

    Absorbent capacity: Up to 26 times its own weight. 

    • The Global Hisorb Organic Filter is an absorbent filter used for final polishing of low level oil contaminants (<100 mg/L) discharging from gravity plate separators, interceptor or API pits, settling ponds, dams and storage bunds prior to it being released to the environment.
    • Hisorb filters provide ‘security’ or ‘peace of mind’ filtration for power stations, refineries, chemical plants and minesites where potentially contaminated cooling water or process water discharges into rivers, waterways or oceans.
    • Standard filter is 90cm x 90cm. Filters can be custom made to suit the application and supplied with side rails to allow removal by crane or davit arm.
    • Filters are supplied with stainless steel or galvanised steel frames to suit large and small diameter outlet pipes, drains, flumes, etc. Multiple units can be installed staggered and overlapping.
    • Hisorb Filters can be installed in outlets with a maximum velocity of 1.5 m/sec. They create minimal back pressure and can achieve effluent qualities of <10mg/L (depending on influent conditions).
    • Filter material is replaceable when fully saturated with oil.
    • Customers can purchase Hisorb material to make their own filters.
    • Hisorb is a biodegradable, organic cotton absorbent produced from a sustainable resource. It has exceptional oil/fuel absorbency and is able to recover up to 26 times its own weight in oil.
    • Hisorb is highly water repellent (hydrophobic) with a fast wicking action that locks hydrocarbons into the organic fibre to rapidly soak up mineral oil, synthetic oil, vegetable oil, grease and fat.

    Shipping dimensions: 90 cm x 90cm 

    Manufactured in Australia

     Description   Size  Code
    Hisorb Filter 90cm x 90cm HSF900
    Hisorb Roll 15m x 90cm HSR.9


    • Hisorb Filters may be adversely affected by the presence of degreaser in the water.
    • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity & temperature.
    • Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid. Appropriate PPE should be worn when handling.
    • Used absorbents, being organic, can be land farmed if permitted, incinerated or disposed of to approved landfill in accordance with local regulations.