Micro Bubble Separation Tower



    The GSC Micro Bubble Separator (MBS) receives produced water from the outlet of a separation system or from a storage tank.  As the produced water enters the MBS a pressurised stream of water saturated with Microbubbles (equivalent to approximately 20% of the produced water flow) is entrained with the produced water.  This mixed stream of water and micro bubbles enters the separator where the bubbles and adhered oil rise rapidly to the water surface.


    Micro bubble generation begins with gas (air) saturation of recycled water as it is pumped under pressure through the gas filled saturator.

    • Passing through the Liquid Saturator the water and entrained air stream experiences intensive mixing at pressure.
    • Pressure let-down occurs as the recycle stream enters the reaction zone via a high shear dispersion header.


    • The unique and patented GSC micro bubble separator incorporates directional flow oil collection cones and a central oil collection core which allows the oil to rise above the cleaned water for collection in a separate oil chamber.
    • The water leaving the separator can have as little as 5 ppm oil.


    • Pressure let-down brings the recycle stream into intimate contact with the oily water stream.
    • The oily water stream thus suffers no shear (that would otherwise cause further oil dispersion).


    • Passing from the Reaction Zone to the Separation Zone the gas bubbles collide with oil droplets and other oil coated bubbles to form a dense suspension (cloud).
    • The cloudy water passes through a labyrinth of directional flow oil collection cones and the separated oil passes into the decant channels where the oil floats up to the oil collection launder.


    Water freed of oil exits the separator after the last directional cone.

    • Oil rises into the oil collection launder – decant zone
    • The separation system operates solely under gravity and differential density with the oil discharging above the heavier water.


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