Smartbund drive-over bunding (50mm)


Application: Smart bund is a modular system of pliable closed-cell foam, surrounded by PVC. Excellent barrier around machines to keep leaks and drips away from walkways. Use in warehouses or factory’s on sealed surfaces.
  • 50mm high profile.
  • Designed to spring back into shape after being walked on or driven over by forklifts.
  • Installation is easy. Cut smart bund, add corners or butt up to a wall with an end bung. Glue into place and cover all joins with a PVC joiner.
  • Build a Smart Bund any size or shape.
  • PVC is resistant to most chemicals. High visibility orange minimises trip hazards.
  • Designed for light traffic areas.


 Smart Bund Modular System  Code
 Smart Bund 4 metre length  SB4
 45 degree corner – 300mm  SB45
 90 degree corner – 300mm  SB90
 End Bung (for exposed ends)  SBEB
 PVC Joiner 200mm x 200mm  SBJ
 PVC to PVC adhesive 500ml  SBG
 Global Degreaser 500ml  GD.5
 Sikaflex Pro 310ml  SBS
 Hold down flat bar, aluminium, (set of 2), 4m x 20mm  SBA4