Spill Kit Auditing


Many companies now realise the importance of having operational Spill Kits located around their site to deal with emergency spill situations and promote compliance with Environmental Legislation.
Global Spill Control can offer a complete Spill Kit servicing programme at minimal cost ensuring your Spill Kits are full and ready to use in the event of a spill.
We generally carry out Spill Kit Audits quarterly although these can be tailored to suit customer requirements.
What are the benefits to you?
  • Fulfilling your Environmental Duty of Care
  • Kits are re-stocked without delay
  • Serviceability and appearance are maintained
  • Full back up is available
  • Complete records of Spill Kit condition provided for you
  • Spill Kit Service Programme Includes
  • Programmed Spill Kit Inspection on site
  • On the spot re-stock of kits
  • Reporting on individual Kit usage
  • Quick break audit tags fitted
  • Regular Spill Kit cleaning
  • Sound advice on any issues with Spill Control
With regular servicing of your Spill Kits we aim to reduce your environmental risk from any liquid spill incident by keeping your resources maintained.


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