15ESP Weir Skimmer 15,000 L/hr


Application:  These versatile oil skimmers are invaluable for a response team that may need to recover large volumes of oil or fuel during a spill on water. Great for permanent deployment in 'maintenance' situations at minesites and other environmental applications.

  • Skimmers use a self-adjusting weir that floats and finds the oil/water interface and permits the surface layer (oil) to be drawn over the weir and into the bowl.
  • Specially designed concertina and floating ring automatically re-adjusts the skimming depth 10mm to 20mm in ‘choppy' waters, minimising the amount of water skimmed.
  • Recovery rates up to 15m³/h.
  • Light weight and easily moved, deployed and operated by two people.
  • Integral lifting lugs.
  • Three moulded polyethylene floats.
  • Manufactured in marine grade aluminium or stainless steel with polyethlene pontoons.
  • Ideal for use with self-priming, ‘suction' type pumps. Optional on-board oil transfer pump (hydraulically driven) and power pack can be included for a complete package for remote or difficult spill sites. Oil transfer pumps are supplied with delivery hose and quick release camlocks.
  • Use optional trash screen to prevent debris from entering the weir.
  • For oil spill response, the spill should be contained and thickened with the use of a boom. The skimmer is then placed where the oil is thickest.


Capacity: 15m3/hr

Dimensions approx: 150cm (W) x 130cm (D) x 65cm (H)

Weight: 30 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 136cm (W) x 75cm (D) x 75cm (H)

Shipping Weight: 50 kg


 Floatation  600mm diam, foam filled pontoons
 Weir diameter  450mm
 Weir ring  Polyethylene foam filled
 Oil removal  External pump required Integral channel impeller pump
 Oil outlet  50mm male camlock
 Concertina  Neoprene