Duraboom Solid Float Curtain Boom


Application: Ideal for short term or longer term depolyment in harbours, rivers, ponds, dams or other rougher waters.

  • Curtain Boom is an  impervious (non absorbent) boom that performs well in rougher waters. 
  • Winds do not affect curtain boom as much as fence boom.
  • Curtain boom is often used in a longer term deployment situations on minesites to prevent and redirect oily water moving across dams.
  • PVC coating makes the boom easy to clean.
  • The boom is difficult to store when not in use. Sea containers and large trailers are often best places for storage.
  • Special extruded aluminium end connectors (ASTM) allow multiple sections to be joined together easily.
  Duraboom Solid Float Curtain Boom
 Fabric Weight
 300mm Diam 500mm Skirt – 8mm Ballast Chain
 CB 300/500

Boom Fabric : Woven polyester scrim coated; PVC
Boom Colour :  Orange (900) PVC 
UV Resistance : Excellent
Chemical Resistance : Resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis & solvents
Boom Connections : Extruded aluminium – ASTM standard
Operational Temperature : -20c to +80c
Buoyancy to Weight : 8:1
Anchor Points : 1 per section
Anchor System : 10 kg to 35 kg anchors  – depending on boom and conditions.