Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks


Application:  Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks (C.O.R.T) are a self-supporting, self-erecting recovery tank for storage of reclaimed liquids during a spill clean-up operation. Manufactured in a range of sizes from 1m³ to 20m³, CORT tanks are easy to store, highly versatile and resistant to a wide range of chemicals and oils.

  • A floating ring or collar around the rim at the mouth of the tank floats up or down with the liquid level in the tank.
  • Tank outlets are fitted with a ball valve drain and a one way inlet valve. Additional valving can be fitted if required.
  • Tanks are manufactured from 900 gsm PVC, chemical and abrasion resistant XR5 or 800 gsm urethane.
  • Carry handles are fitted around the perimeter for ease of positioning prior to filling. A lug on the inside of the base allows the tank to be hung up for cleaning or drying.
  • C.O.R.T tanks come fitted with a detachable lid to prevent rain water ingress.
  • A heavy duty ground sheet is supplied with each tank.

Made in Australia.

Code Description Capacity  Outlet Valve
CORT1000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank   1000 litre 40mm
CORT2000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank  2000 litre 40mm
CORT3000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank 3000 litre 40mm
 CORT5000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank 5000 litre 40mm
 CORT10000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank 10000 litre 50mm
 CORT15000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank 15000 litre 80mm
 CORT20000 Collapsible Oil Recovery Tank  20000 litre 100mm