Tergo R40 Oil Spill Dispersant


Application: Tergo R40 Dispersant is a concentrated blend of naturally derived surfactants of low toxicity and rapid biodegradability. It is completely hydrocarbon solvent free. It has been designed to disperse a wide range of crude and fuel oils when or if the need arises.

Advantages of using an oil dispersant

  • Increasing and enhancing the natural dispersion of oil at sea.
  • Treats the slick at sea rather than allowing it to reach shore and possibly allowing a more difficult cleanup situation ie around mangrove trees.
  • Working at sea allows for large areas of slick to be treated easily.
  • Reduces the man power and cost of a traditional beach cleanup.

Method of Use

Tergo R40 is an AMSA Type III approved dispersant specifically designed to be applied from aircraft or ship mounted spray booms. Tergo R40 can be applied concentrated or diluted with fresh water or seawater to suit the specific site conditions. It is equally effective when applied via hand-held or back-pack type sprayers for use on small spills or around areas such as wharf piles, jetties, shorelines, etc.

20 litre drum dimensions: 30cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 37cm (H)

Weight: 20 kg


 Pack Size
 Tergo R40 Oil Dispersant
 20L Drum 
 TR 4020 
 Tergo R40 Oil Dispersant
 200L Drum
 TR 40200