Pail Floorsorb Spill Kit


Spill Kit type:  Coolants, Solvents, Oil, Fuel, Degreaser, Paint, Blood, Mild Acids – All Liquids.

Application: Workshops, warehouses, factories, storerooms – wherever small everyday spills occur. 

Absorbent capacity: Up to 5 litres

  • Grab this light weight handy pail of absorbent and take it to the spill area.
  • Contains Floorsorb Ground and Floor particulate.
  • Clean non-hazardous absorbent, with little dust.
  • Floorsorb is a made from recycled paper pellets.
  • Floorsorb is an All Liquid Absorbent.
  • For disposal use land farm, high temp. incinerator or appropriate landfill.
  • Spill Kit is supplied in a white labeled pail with snap lock lid.

Shipping weight: 3 kg

Shipping dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 25cm

Manufactured in Australia

 Qty  Description  Size  Code
 1  Pail Floorsorb  10 Litres  FSP10