Poly Overpack Salvage Drum 113Litre


Designed to hold a damaged 60 litre drum

Application: Provides a safe and convenient way of handling damaged leaking drums.

  • Place waste or damaged containers into hazspill drum or invert over the damaged drum and turn right way up.
  • Fully sealed lid.
  • Notched lid allows a bar to be used to help open or close threaded lid.
  • Sturdy forklift shoulder on hazspill drum to allow lifting by forklifts.
  • Tough polyethylene is resistant to acids, alkalis and most chemicals.
  • 100 % UV protected
  • Handling Capacity – 100kgs.
  • Yellow in colour.

Shipping dimensions: 76cm (H) x 59cm (Diam)

Weight: 6 kg


Description  Dimensions  Pack Size  Code
 Poly Overpack Salvage Drum 113 litre  72cm x 43.2cm