Bio Hazard Spill Response Kit


  • Spill Kit type:  Unknown small spills.
  •  Application: Hospitals, Service Stations, Shopping centres, Schools, workshops, warehouses, factories.
  • Absorbent capacity: Up to 2 litres.
  • Contains a encapsulating powder that when mixed with water, solidifies the spill into a spadable mass.
  • Use plastic scoop and pan to lift and place into disposal bag.
  • Sanitising liquid is used to sanitise and cleanup spill area. Helps reduce unpleasant smells.
  • Spill Kit includes label, laminated re-order form & operating instructions.
  • Spill Kit is supplied in a yellow satchel.

Shipping weight: 300 grams

Shipping dimensions: 23cm x 25cm x 3cm

Manufactured in Australia


 Qty  Description
 250 grams encapsulating powder
 50ml of Aussan sanitising concentrate
 Disposal Bag & tie
 1  Set plastic scoop /dust pan
 Disposable apron
 Latex Gloves 
 1  Face Masks
 1  Scraper
 2  Fabric wipes
 Spill Kit label
 Operating Instructions