Budgetsorb Floorsweep


17 Litre (5kg) Bag

Spill type:  Absorbs oils, fuels, coolants, degreaser, mild acids & caustics, paints, solvents and most liquids.

Application: Use on hard surfaces wherever oils, fuels, chemicals & liquids are stored, handled and spilt.

Absorbent capacity:  Up to 12.5 litres per bag.

  • Ideal for road side spills, service stations, maintenance workshops, parking areas, re-fueling areas, paint & panel shops and automotive workshops.  
  • Economically priced floorsweep for those occasional spills.
  • Budgetsorb is ideal for placing on and around a spill to ‘solidify’ and absorb and then swept up and recovered.
  • Absorbs and cleans up most oils, fuels, solvents, degreasers, mild acids, bases, paints, inks, dyes and other water based liquids on contact.
  • Able to absorb up to 2.5 times its own weight in liquid.
  • Comprising a blend of coir peat and other cellulose based organics,  Budgetsorb is made from a renewable resource.
  • High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport & disposal costs.
  • Fast wicking action allows quick clean up, reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.
  • Non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-leaching. 

Budgetsorb can be ordered by the bag or pallet (128 bags per pallet)

Shipping weight (bag): 5 kg

Shipping weight (pallet): 640 kg 

Shipping dimensions (bag): 56cm x 32cm x 7cm

Manufactured in Australia

  Bag (weight)
  Bag (volume)
  Budgetsorb Floorsweep
5 kg 
17 litre




  • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature. 
  • Budgetsorb is compatible with, and absorbs mild acids and bases. The suitability with a specific chemical should be confirmed by referencing the MSDS, a compatibility chart or sample testing. We can provide samples as required.
  • Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid. Appropriate PPE should be worn and disposal of used absorbents should be in accordance with local regulations.