General Purpose Pillow – Large 58cm x 37cm


Spill type:  Absorbs all liquids including coolant, solvent, degreaser, paint, blood, mild acids & bases, oil, fuel, diesel, petrol & other hydrocarbons

Application: All Liquid pillow used to absorb large pooled spills. Highly flexible – can be stuffed into drains, placed under hoses, next to drums and below liquid dispensing reels/nozzles. 

Absorbent capacity: Up to 13 litres per pillow. 

  • Ideal for industrial sites and factories, mine site and maintenance workshops, vehicle repair shops, panel & paint shops, fuel & oil handling facilities, service stations and transport depots.
  • High capacity absorbency makes pillows ideal for quick response mop up for larger pooled liquid spills.
  • Made from meltblown polypropylene with exceptional liquid absorbency for spills, leaks and drips. Able to recover 20 times its own weight in oil. 
  • High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport & disposal costs.
  • Tough, durable, non allergenic, non hazardous and dust free absorbent.
  • Fast absorption for improved safety & productivity in the workplace.
  • Can be squeezed and re-used.
  • Simple and easy to use without the need for specialised PPE.

Pillows can be ordered individually or in cartons of 10

Shipping weight (per pillow): 0.7 kg

Shipping weight (per ctn): 7 kg 

Shipping dimensions (ctn): 60cm x 40cm x 55cm

Manufactured in Australia

Description   Size  Code
 General Purpose pillow   58cm x 37cm   MSPFO




  • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity & temperature.
  • Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid. Appropriate PPE should be worn and disposal of used absorbents should be via incineration or to approved landfill in accordance with local regulations