Global Clean Up Treatment 20 Litres


Application: Global Clean Up Treatment is a blend of naturally occurring micro-organisms that have been selected for their ability to biologically remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil and sludge as well as oil contaminated water.

Soil and water contaminated with hydrocarbons and phenols can be remediated by increasing the concentration of naturally occurring bacteria.

Global Clean Up Treatment is a concentrate that can be diluted and mixed with de-chlorinated water for spraying onto the contaminated area.

The dilution rate will vary depending on the contamination levels, with 1 litre of Global Clean Up Treatment concentrate diluted with 50 litres of water able to treat approximately 150m³ of contaminated soil.

Depending on the contamination levels preparation of the soil prior to spraying may be required and continued treatment after spraying may be necessary.

For the treatment of:

  • Contaminated soil and water
  • Oil/water interceptors
  • Separation pits
  • Waste lagoons
  • Drillers sumps

Improving the bacteria levels of ‘land farms’

Effective for degrading:
Fuels (diesel, petrol)
Lubricants (oils, grease)
And many other substances

Shipping dimensions: 30cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 37cm (H)  Weight: 20 kg


 Pack Size
 Global Clean Up Treatment 20L
 37cm x 30cm