Super Absorbent Polymer


Application: Turns water into a spadeable solid. By turning watery sludge into a solid you can save money on disposal costs. Pay for solid waste and not liquid waste disposal.

10kgs of Desap will turn 1,000 litres of water into a spadeable waste.

Description:  Desap is a non toxic cross-linked acrylic polymer with super absorbent properties.Water and other fluids that come into contact with the polymer are absorbed into small spaces within the polymer resulting in rapid swelling.  Desap is used to solidify sludges thus allowing them to be taken to land fill instead of liquid waste.  Desap will solidify water (not salt water) at a rate of 100:1. Ten Kilos of desap will solidify to spadeable 1,000 litres of water.

Biodegradability:  Desap will break down over time into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water.

Toxicity:  Non toxic, LD50/oral/rat > 2000mg/kg

Acrylic acid polymers are non toxic and are used extensively to retain large quantities of water and nutrients in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and mining soils.

Easy to use:  Desap comes in 10 kg bags. If it is being used in conjunction with a sucker truck the polymer is premixed in a drum of water and sucked up into the truck. This is repeated until the required volume of Desap has been added to the water component of the sludge. In other applications it is either premixed or added directly to the water/sludge to be solidified.

Economic:  In most states the cost of dumping waste as a prescribed land fill is far less than at a liquid waste facility.  By using Desap to eliminate liquid waste disposal, the cost of dumping sludges and other liquids can be reduced by as much as 50% (after including cost of Desap) depending on local dumping costs.

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