Turbo Burn Electric Incinerator


Application: The electric Turbo Burn Incinerator is a Western Australian designed and built unit that can incinerate oil, absorbents, greasy rags, oil & fuel filters, office waste, food services waste, bags, packing material and non-infectious waste without polluting the air. 

  • Small and portable

  • Eliminates transporting hazardous materials

  • One person only required to load and operate the unit

  • Is 99% smoke, ash and pollution free

  • Comes with a three month warranty on parts and labour

  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) is standard on all units

EASY TO USE: Simply attach the Turbo-Burn to a 200 litre open head drum loaded with waste, plug it in to single phase power and light the waste. Two 240 volt blowers create a powerful cyclone of air fanning the fire into a white heat.

The incinerator’s unique design which is based on the 3T’s principle eliminates smoke and traps fly ash. There is no residue, no half-burned material and no smouldering cake. One hundred percent of the oil soaked waste is reduced to three percent ash. Oil & fuel filter casings can be safely sent to landfill for disposal. The 3T’s – Time: (The longer the burning waste gases are held in the incinerator the cleaner the result), Turbulence: (Good turbulence ensures the adequate mixing of the gases, giving the best burn results), Temperature: (The higher the temperature the cleaner the burn).

Turbo-Burn is safe, efficient and convenient, just roll it back into storage when not in use.


Oil Filter Cartridges
Absorbents used for cleaning up oil spills
Wood (except cca treated wood)
Plastics (other than PVC / Vinyl)


Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
PVC (Vinyl) and other chlorinated plastics
Infectious waste or biologically hazardous waste
Radioactive materials
Copper Chrome Arsenic treated timbers
Wastes containing heavy metals such as batteries


When burning non-infectious medical waste in the Turbo-Burn extra care must be taken with the loading and spreading of the waste to be burnt.

Options: The standard version is called a Turbo Burn Incinerator – Spear Model (TUB). This is the unit shown in the video and has the ability to burn small amounts of oily wet waste and grease. The spear penetrates the liquid in the bottom of the drum and injects air into the mixture, to help in the burn process.

If you will only be burning oil absorbents, oil filters and other dry waste, we recommend the Turbo Burn – Grate Model (TUBG). The unit varies slightly, does not require the spear to be pushed into the load and has a grate that is placed into the bottom of the drum before the load is added.

The grate can be purchased separately and we recommend even for the spear model it is a good addition to help the load burn more effectively. Spare grates should also be purchased if you have several drums being prepared at one time.

An enclosure fence, flue and base unit for the drum is available as an option. The unit is on wheels and rolls into place once the burn is ready to begin. The safety fence prevents accidental contact with the hot drum, the flue helps in the burn process and the stand protects the ground (especially concrete) on which the drum sits.

A strobe light is an option for added safety and can be switched on when the burn is in process. Its needs a separate power lead. A stainless steel drum is available for those who might not have access to rolled top open drums.

Spare parts are available for the burner. An integral spare parts kit supplies the most common items but each part can be purchased separately. Servicing is available by our factory technicians in our Welshpool depot, Western Australia.

Shipping dimensions: 100cm (W) x 71cm (D) x 49cm (H)

Weight: 65 kg 

 Pack Size
 Turbo Burn Incinerator – Spear Version
 49cm x 100cm
 Turbo Burn Incinerator – Grate Version
 49cm x 100cm
 Lockable Safety Enclosure
 Flue, 900mm
 Stainless Steel Drum
 Integral Spare Parts Kit
 Spare Stainless Steel Grate









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