RemActiv 20 Litres – REM20


RemActiv™ is a liquid additive that enhances the bio-remediation process. It contains micro-organisms and a specially formulated nutrient mix that results in faster remediation times and cheaper processing costs of contaminated soils or water.

The product is in a concentrated form and is applied (usually between 1:20 and 1:100) using non-chlorinated water.

A trial was created over an eight week period and compared the hydrocarbon degradation rate of RemActiv™ against other Bio-Remediation liquid. Results from the trial surpassed our expectations and show RemActiv™ a clear winner.

Test Description:

Individual test plots of 0.5m3 of soil were created within a bunded area.
Each plot was contaminated with 10 litres of new motor oil and blended.
Samples were taken from each plot to establish a starting level and retaken again, 8 weeks later.

Test result averages are shown below:


 C15-28 (mg/L)

 C29-36 (mg/L)

 C>36 (mg/L)

 Starting Level – 26/8/2011




 RemActiv – 25/10/2011




 Other Remediation Liquid – 25/10/2011





A small water contamination trial which showed the new liquid out-performed the old by close to 100%.
For the treatment of:
  • Contaminated soil and water
  • Oil/water interceptors
  • Separation pits
  • Waste lagoons
  • Drillers sumps
  • Improving the bacteria levels of “Land Farms”
Effective for Degrading:
  • Fuels (diesel, petrol)
  • Lubricants (oils, grease)
  • Phenol’s
  • And many other substances.
Shipping Dimensions: 30cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 37cm (H)
Weight: 20kg
 Pack Size
 RemActiv Bio-Remediation Enhancer 20 Litres  
 30cm x 30cm




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