Global Green Super Concentrate


Application: Global Green NPSC is a super concentrate wash down detergent five times the strength of standard Global Green NP. It is aimed to save money for those companies with large transport costs, particularly in remote areas.

Global Green NPSC can be diluted on site or the settings on a dispensing system modified to accept the concentrate.

A 200 litre drum of Global Green NPSC super concentrate will make up to 1000 litres of standard Global Green NP. This standard product can then be diluted further to suit the application.

Global Green NPSC has all the characteristics of Global Green NP (refer to code #GGNP for additional information). 

Global Green NPSC may be used diluted with water up to 500:1.

The table below is a guide to dilution rates:

 Mining Equipment (heavily soiled)   20:1
 Degreasing of Engines & Chassis  50:1
 Concrete & Workshop Floors  50:1
 Truck & Car wash  250:1
 Pressure Washing  500:1

Shipping dimensions:

20 litre drum – 30cm x 30cm x 37cm (H)

200 litre drum – 90cm (H) x 60cm (Diam)

1000 litre IBC – 120 (L) x 100 (W) x 120 (H)


20 litre drum – 20 kg

200 litre drum – 210 kg

1000 litre IBC – 1100 kg


 Pack Size
 Global Green NP Super Conc. 20L
 20L Drum 
 Global Green NP Super Conc. 200L
 200L Drum (plastic)
 Global Green NP Super Conc.  1000L  
 1000L IBC