Global Grease Cutter Degreaser


Application: Global Grease Cutter is an extra heavy duty industrial degreaser for engines, equipment with heavy grease as well as workshop floors.

  • Quick breaking and biodegradable features.
  • 94% of grease and oil is released within 10 minutes preventing discharge to sewer in the water effluent.
  • Safe on all metals (including aluminium) and all good paintwork.
  • High viscosity – clings to vertical surfaces, no runoff, no wastage, maximum cleaning performance.
  • Effective cleaning in hard or soft water.
  • Non-hazardous to the environment.
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-flammable.
  • Do not use on windscreens or glass surfaces.

Quick Break

Global Degreaser is a quick break cleaning agent which is used to remove hydrocarbons such as grease, oil and diesel from a variety of surfaces. When the degreaser comes into contact with the soiled grease it wets (penetrates) the grease, causing the grease to lose its ability to bond to the surface being cleaned. This process is known as saponification.

Global Degreaser also emulsifies the grease by breaking it into small droplets. The droplets become microscopic once contact is made with water which is used to wash the grease and degreaser from the surface.

Within five minutes of the oil contacting water the breaking process commences. The bond between the quick break degreaser and the oil weakens, with the oil finally breaking away and rising to the surface of the water. 94% of the breaking process occurs within 10 minutes.

Degreasing Applications
  • Engines & Chassis 
  • Parts  
  • Concrete and workshop floors

No Phosphates

High levels of phosphates encourage blue green algal blooms in out-flow ponds and dams leading to dangerous blue green algae and often unpleasant smells. Global Grease Cutter’s leading technology formula replaces phosphates with amino acids.


Global Grease Cutter may be used diluted with water up to 20:1 or used concentrated for hard to clean surfaces.

The table below is a guide to dilution rates:

 Degreasing of Engines & Chassis  1:1
 Mining equpment (heavily soiled)  4:1
 Concrete & workshop floors  10:1
 Pressure washing  20:1

Shipping dimensions: 20 litre drum – 30cm x 30cm x 37cm (H)

Weight: 20 kg

 Pack Size
 Global Grease Cutter 20L
 20L Drum 
 Global Grease Cutter  200L
 200L plastic drum 
 Global Grease Cutter 1000L  
 1000L IBC