Global Green


Application: Global Green is a wash down detergent for vehicle and workshop floors.  Global Green is a mildly alkaline general purpose cleaner/degreaser designed to remove a wide range of soils, oil, grease, dust and carbon from fixed or mobile equipment and workshop floors.  It is a fast working, non-flammable cleaner that is safe to use on all metals and will not affect good paint work. It will clean and rejuvenate dirty concrete floors. It can be used with a Global low volume foamer. It’s quick break action allows it to be used for effective oil separation through effluent treatment systems.


  • Mining equipment
  • Agriculture machinery

      Engines and industrial machinery
  • Workshop floors and driveways
  • Trucks, cars and buses
  • Bath degreasing and parts washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Boats, engines and bilges
  • Washroom floors
  • Canteen floors
  • Kitchen appliances
A quick break cleaning agent, diluted with fresh or salt water will clean and emulsify hydrocarbons such as oil, grease and diesel from a variety of surfaces. When the quick break comes into contact with the oil it breaks the oil into microscopic droplets. The droplets become smaller and more numerous and ultimately fade from sight in the water.

Within five minutes of the oil being emulsified the breaking process commences. The bond between the quick break and the oil weakens with the oil finally breaking away and rising to the surface of the water. 93% of the breaking process occurs within 10 minutes.


All oil and water effluent from workshop floors, vehicle and machinery washdown, engine degreasing and all other washing operations should be collected in a pit prior to treatment through a mechanical separator or triple interceptor and discharge to sewer or lagoon.

If Global Green is used, oil removed during washdown or degreasing will be released to float on top of the collection pit water or in the separator and is available for collection.

If a NON quick break is used, oil removed during washdown or degreasing will remain emulsified and bound up within the washdown water. The cleaning agent/degreaser holds the oil so well in solution it is impossible (without added chemicals) to remove the oil from the collected water even after long settling times and processing through deoiling hydrocyclones or plate separators. When the water is discharged to sewer or lagoon the oil is also discharged. Under these circumstances the oil discharge level may breach EPA requirements.

If oil or fuel is to be washed into dredging ponds, dams and lagoons in order to clean up the last remnants of a spill, Global Green should be used.

This will allow the oil/fuel to rise to the surface after a few minutes from where it can be collected. In so doing, the pond water remains uncontaminated.

Laboratory and field tests show Global Green totally biodegrades within a maximum of 22 days. Primary bio-degradation occurs within 5 days.  That is, the product loses it’s properties but it’s molecular components still exist.

Bio-degradation is the process whereby organic materials decompose in the environment.

The organic materials that directly apply to cleaning and wash-down are detergents, soaps, degreasers, fuels, oils, greases, etc, all of which are composed of carbon/hydrogen molecules in different configurations with various other minor constituents (nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur) sometimes present.

For bio-degradation to occur there needs to be a combination of bacterial activity, water and oxygen.

The bacterial activity breaks the bond between the hydrogen and carbon molecules with water (H20) and carbon dioxide (C02) being produced.

The process is repeated over and over until all the bonds have been broken and the molecules are converted to C02 and H20.

High levels of phosphates encourage blue green algal blooms in out-flow ponds and dams leading to dangerous blue green algae and often unpleasant smells.  Global Green NP’s leading technology formula replaces phosphates with amino acids.

Global Green NP may be used diluted with water up to 100:1 or used concentrated for hard to clean surfaces.The table below is a guide to dilution rates:

 Mining Equipment (heavily soiled)   4:1 
 Degreasing of Engines & Chassis  10:1
 Concrete & Workshop Floors  10:1
 Truck and car wash  50:1
 Pressure Washing  100:1

Shipping dimensions: 20 litre drum – 30cm x 30cm x 37cm (H)

Weight: 20 kgs

 Pack Size
 Global Green Degreaser 20L
 20L Drum 
 Global Green Degreaser  200L
 200L plastic drum
 Global Green Degreaser  1000L
 1000L IBC