Mini Air Boom, 250mm high, PVC


Application: Ideal for short term deployment in ponds, dams or any inland waterway to contain small oil spills without absorbing them.

  • Mini Air Boom is an impervious (non absorbent), cost effective, containment boom providing excellent wave following performance.
  • Mini Air Boom is inflated when required by a mouth piece or small pump. A 15m length can be inflated within a minute. 
  • Mini Air Boom is light weight and is easy to handle.
  • The boom takes up minimal storage space.
  • Mini Air Boom is ideal for spill trailers and speciality spill kits.
  • PVC structure makes the boom easy to clean and repair.
  • Special extruded aluminium end connectors (ASTM) allow multiple sections to be joined together easily.
 Model Mini Air Boom
 Freeboard  100mm
 Draft  150mm
 Overall Height  250mm
 Section Length  15 metres
 Fabric  650 gsm PVC
 Weight (per section)  8.5 kgs
 Packing Volume  0.035 m3
 Ballast  3mm hot dipped galv. chain


Boom Fabric : Woven polyester scrim coated; PVC
Boom Colour : Yellow or Orange 
UV Resistance : Excellent
Chemical Resistance : Resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis & solvents
Operational Temperature : -20c to +80c
Buoyancy to Weight : 10:1
Anchor Points : none (use the ASTM connectors to connect anchors)
Anchor System : 10 kg anchors