2 Drum Bund – DB2G



Use this drum bund to store up to two 205L drums on this and capture leaks, drips and spills of non-flammable liquids.. These containment bunds are also known as spill pallets and have been designed by Australians in Australia for our unique and harsh conditions.

  • This drum bund includes a removable grated floor to provide easy access to the bund sump for cleaning.
  • Easily decant spilled liquids via the three drain plug in the sump.
  • Manufactured and tested in Australia with a 1100kg UDL.
  • The chemical-resistant polyethylene bund and polypropylene grate stand up to the harshest environments.
  • The DB2G drum bund includes forklift tyne pockets for easy transportation.
  • Spill pallets feature encapsulated data plates with vital information such as sump capacity, maximum UDL, composition materials and net weight.

Reasons to use a drum bund:

  • Prevent spilled liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or stormwater drains.
  • Containment bunds reduce clean-up costs by capturing easily retrievable spills.

Drum bund covers are optional and used to prevent ingress of dirt and rainwater into the bund.

Sump Capacity: 250 litre

Dimensions: 123cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 51.5cm (H)

Weight: 25 kg

Pack Size
2 Drum Bund
125cm x 70cm x 42cm
Drum Bund Cover for DB2




  • Portable bunding units are designed for secondary and temporary storage. If you are unsure on your storage compliance obligations, check with your local council or regulatory body.
  • Drum bunds are also known as bunded pallets, spill pallets, spill decks, hazmat bunds, chemical storage bunds, portable bunding systems, secondary bunding and sump pallets.