Ultra IBC Spill Pallet Plus – U1157


Application: Store one bulky box on this bund to capture leaks, drips and spills.
  • 100% polyethylene construction – offers excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode. 
  • Forkliftable for convenient positioning. 
  • Optional bucket shelf catches leaks and spills during dispensing. 
  • 3,850kg load capacity allows double stacking of IBCs, saving space and money on secondary containment. 
  • Dimensions: 1,575mm x 1,575mm x 711mm
  • Containment capacity: 1,363L

Sump Capacity: 1363 litre

Shipping dimensions: 157.5cm (L) x 157.5cm (W) x 71.1cm (H)

Weight: 80 kg

  • Portable bunding units are designed for secondary and temporary storage. If you are unsure on your storage compliance obligations, check with your local council or regulatory body.