Anti Static Spill Mat Oil & Fuel only


Application: Anti static reusable mat with a replaceable internal absorbent for catching leaks and drips when refuelling or uncoupling hoses.

  • The chain weighted sides keeps the spill mat in position even in windy conditions.
  • Two internal heavy duty oil/fuel absorbent mats (90cm x 90cm) catch and absorb the spill. Mats are manufactured from EnvirosorbTM, a highly absorbent hydrophobic (water repellent) polypropylene.
  • Mats are easily replaceable through the velcro sides when fully saturated with oil.
  • Tabs hold the mat in a tight roll for easy storage.
  • Special loop attachment allows mat to be hang during storage.
  • Anti static backing material protects the absorbent from mud and dirt on the ground.
  • Open weave shade cloth on the top of the mat allows easy penetration of spilt liquid.

Shipping dimensions: 96cm (L) 13cm (Diam)

Weight: 2 kg

Manufactured in Australia

 Pack Size
 Anti Static Spill Mat Oil/Fuel only 
 96cm x 96cm
 Replacement Mat
 90cm x 90cm