Global Tuff Bund – 25mm


Application: Tough, flexible, floor bunding for traffic areas. Excellent barrier across doorways, bunding drums or around machines to keep leaks and drips contained. Use in warehouses, factories or workshops on sealed surfaces.


  • Create chemical bunds, bunded areas or drive over barriers across doorways in warehouses and factories.
  • Tough and flexible – can be driven over by forklifts, trucks and heavy machinery.
  • Polyurethane construction is resistant to most oils, fuels & chemicals -ideal for use indoors or outdoors when exposed to all weather conditions.
  • Global Tuff Bund can be used for straight line bunding or mitred to change direction – easily cut using a fine tooth saw.

  • Each piece is 1000mm long x 150mm wide x 25mm high.

  • Fix to concrete using heavy duty flexible sealant /adhesive and concrete anchors for long term use in arduous conditions. 

Manufactured in Australia


 Global Floor Bunding System  Code
 Global Tuff Bund 1.0m x 145mm x 25mm  GTB150-OR
 Sica Floor Cleaner/Etcher  GTBCLEANER
 Fastener Pack  ANCHOR10X60