Collapsible Bund 2m x 1.6m


Application: Collapsible bunds with external strap design that allows the operator to create a bund in less than a minute.   Used if a truck, drum or piece of machinery springs a leak. Ideal for quick storage of a pallet of drums. 
  • Internal batons are already in place. Simply stand the walls up vertically.
  • Easy to carry and compact to transport.
  • Supplied in a carry bag with a handy velcro opening and strong handles.
  • Setup instructions conveniently placed on the outside of the bag in a specially designed see-through pocket.
  • Made from heavy duty PVC (900 gsm) in bright, safety orange. Can also be supplied in Coolguard or XR5 material for additional chemical or abrasion resistance.
  • 350mm high walls allows easy access to the bund.
  • Optional Ground Sheet protects the underside of the bund.
  • Optional Floor Protector sits inside the bund to protect the bund floor.
  • Optional Neoprene Floor Protector provides bund floor protection for point loading, heavy or sharp abjects.  

Shipping dimensions: 67cm x 65cm x 13cm

Bund storage volume: 1100 litre

Weight: 10 kg    


 Pack Size
 Collapsible Bund PVC 
  2m  x 1.6m x 0.35m



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