Brush Skimmer 12,000 litres/hr


Application: Global Brush Skimmers are a floating oil skimmer for removing oils and fuels from the water surface. Designed to be used in ponds, lakes, dams, rivers, harbours and marinas for high volume oil recovery.

The brush skimmer floats on the water with with the brush rotating through the oil layer. Oil adheres to the brush and is continuously scraped off, collecting in the sump, from where it is pumped to suitable storage.

  • Hard bristle polypropylene brush best suited for viscous oils.
  • 12m³/hr pick up capacity, depending on oil viscosity.
  • Rotational speed is adjustable from 0 to 100 RPM (at the power pack).
  • Use self-priming, ‘suction’ type pumps to transfer the skimmed oil to shore or optional integral oil transfer pump.
  • A hydraulic power pack (refer to section on Power Packs) provides the power for the skimmer or oil pump.
  • Manufactured in marine grade aluminium.

Manufactured in Australia

 Oil Recovery Rate
  Brush Skimmer
 12,000 litres/hour




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